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Mission helps users find local queer events and services. This site prioritizes the visibility of community-fueled safe spaces for queer, trans, womyn, and people of color.

How It Works connects local events, places, and services together into one place. Search and get results quickly and be able to find safe spaces hand-picked by the people in the community. Discover new queer, trans, and people of color friendly "downe spaces" with your friends when traveling or in your hometown. Experience anything from new dance parties, a styling local barber, nearby concerts or an art gallery show.

About Us

We are a collective of Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) identified friends working to address the lack of visibility and accessibility of local community events for people like us.

We are community organizers, hairstylists, photographers, workshop facilitators, leaders, and creatives that bring in different perspectives and vision.

Our team members grew up all over the US and met in the San Francisco Bay Area through mutual friends and understand the value of building community and familiarity.

Downe is a term that is historically used with Queer Asian Pacific Islander (QAPI) Americans as a way to be out on the “down low.”

For some folks, being out on social media and in religious or cultural settings can be very difficult. is reclaiming the word “downe” for folks to be empowered and be able to assert their agency regarding their sexuality and gender identity. is a project made with love from a team of queer/trans folks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With the struggle to find spaces or events, we wanted to create a website dedicated to help bring visibility to queer and trans people of color in local communities.

If you have any feedback, we’d love for you to reach us at

Our Team

Melles Tran
Vivian Liang
Total Nguyen
T Sripunvoraskul
Chara Bui

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